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ERBIUM YAG | Skin Resurfacing

Erbium is the treatment of choice for patients wanting to achieve dramatic improvement in the appearance of their skin with minimal downtime. The procedure removes surface-pigmentation and mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest.



The Long-Pulsed Yag laser reduces vascular lesions, commonly known as spider veins, by using energy to heat, damage, and collapse targeted blood vessels. This laser can also be utilized to remove different types of vascular lesions, including cherry angioma


LASER HAIR REMOVAL | 810 Diode Laser

Unwanted hair? We all have it. Now is the best time to get rid of it! Our system is quick and has a built in cooling device to keep you comfortable during your treatment. Please note that several treatments, on a regular schedule, are necessary to obtain maximum results. Schedule a consultation today so we can set up a treatment plan for you!


IPL | Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light (IPL), can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including unwanted pigmented lesions (sun spots), rosacea, acne, hair and photo damage. A broad-spectrum pulse of light is emitted by the IPL device unique to targeting the problematic parts of the tissue. The light energy causes destruction or photothermolysis of the targeted tissue, while leaving surrounding tissue uninjured. Treatments are safe and rapid with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Schedule a consultation today so we can determine if IPL is right for you!

TATTOO REMOVAL | Q-switched Laser (1064nm/532nm) 

Have a tattoo that you've been wanting to get rid of, but weren't sure about the process? We can help. Whether it's from a drunken bachelor/bachelorette party, too much tequila in Mexico, or a change of heart regarding your tattoo, schedule a consultation with us so we can customize a treatment plan for you and get your skin on the road to recovery!

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