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Currently accepting new clients

Appointments can made via phone (615-989-1780) or email (

Appointment Commitment

As a new small business, we want everyone to know that we take our work and our clients very seriously. We know how valuable your time is and we appreciate you spending it with us at Vita, where our passion is to help you Love The Life You Live.  Unfortunately, when clients are late, cancel with little notice, or don’t show up for scheduled appointments, we miss opportunities to help other clients in our community. Of course, we understand that life happens and unexpected circumstances will arise. However, when these circumstances arise often, we will need to charge a fee for our time. A credit card will be taken at the time of the booking and charged in the following instances:


Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice: $50 (one time grace)

Arriving more than 15min late: $50

(To avoid inconveniencing our other clients we must adhere to a schedule) 

Financial Responsibility

The services and prices will be discussed with the client and agreed upon by both the service provider and client prior to the service being performed. All services are to be paid in full immediately after the service is performed.

We do not offer cash refunds, but will give office credit for other services on a case by case basis. 


Consultation Fee

Consultations are mandatory prior to obtaining certain aesthetic services. Consultation appointments start at 30min. A $50 consultation fee with be charged at the time the appointment is made. Once the consultation appointment has concluded, the $50 will either be credited towards services or refunded if no services are obtained.

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